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An Air Defence Unit strengthens air defence in Latvia with a NASAMS system

June 26, 2022
  • The Spanish Armed Forces are already part of the allied mission 'enhanced Forward Presence' (eFP) with military integrated into a Battle Group led by Canada

Spain has deployed an Anti-Aircraft Defence Unit (UDAA in Spanish) based on a NASAMS system at the Lielvardes air base in Latvia, as a sign of its commitment to NATO, under the Operations Command’s monitoring.

To this end, 85 military from the 73rd Anti-Aircraft Artillery Regiment have been transferred to Latvia, along with material whose capability provides an intermediate range for the protection of vital points and allows integration into the NATO air and missile defence system.

This reinforcement of personnel and material is part of the support provided by the Spanish Armed Forces to Latvia, in respect of the Alliance’s deterrence and defence, which is added to the Spanish contribution in the enhanced Forward Presence operation (eFP).

At present, around 500 men and women are deployed in Latvia, mostly from the 10th Brigade 'Guzmán el Bueno', based in Córdoba, to which will be added the members of this Anti-Aircraft Defence Unit in the same country. 

Enhanced Forward Presence operation (eFP)

The eFP mission aims to maintain deterrence against any aggression against our Baltic Allies, through a defensive deployment and responds to the existing commitment within the Alliance to help allied countries.

The NATO Battle Group within the eFP mission deployed in Latvia ensures a credible and effective deterrent against any threat to our Baltic ally, being ready to act in defence of Latvia if necessary, and showing a firm commitment to the countries that compose the Alliance, and also its multinational nature.

NATO has enhanced its presence in the eastern part of the Alliance, with four multinational battle groups in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland. These battle groups, led by the United Kingdom, Canada, Germany and the United States respectively, are multinational, and combat-ready, demonstrating the strength of the transatlantic bon