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Spanish troops in Latvia lead a breach opening operation

In Latvia
June 7, 2022
  • Most of the resources of the multinational battalion took part in the operation

eFP X contingent’s Spanish personnel deployed in Latvia took part in the 'Ponte Anido' breach opening operation, in which all the current multinational Battle Group’s  combat capabilities were integrated, with said exercise being led and planned by Spanish staff.

The ‘Ponte Anido’ exercise had a certain complexity due to the integration of the different participating units and the accuracy in the execution of the coordination measures.

The captain head of the Engineer Support Coordination Center (ESCC), a component of the eFP X contingent, in addition to conceiving and planning the operation, was conducting its execution, in which he successfully coordinated the efforts of the manoeuvrer, artillery and engineers capabilities.

The Spanish units participating in the breach opening operation were the Field Artillery Battery, the Spanish Tactical Subgroup and the Engineers Unit of the eFP X contingent, in addition to other capabilities of the multinational Battle Group such as the Polish tank company .

By participating in the enhanced Forward Presence operation, Spain reaffirms its commitment to collective defence and also contributes effectively to national defence beyond its borders.