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Latvia's Battle Group deploys all its capabilities on 'Valiant Forger' exercise

August 16, 2021
  • All Battle Group units have deployed their assets for the first time in the current rotation

The Battle Group deployed to Latvia has completed Valiant Forger exercise, which took place at Ādaži base practice range. This exercise is the first battalion-level drill to be conducted in the current rotation. The purpose of the exercise is to introduce all members of the unit with the assets and weapons of the different countries that make up the above mentioned Battle Group.

Starting on Monday, 9 August, different activities were scheduled in which each unit displayed its main assets in static exhibitions, followed by dynamic demonstrations of their capabilities.

The planned activities included shooting exercises in which some soldiers had the opportunity to use weapons of partner nations, having been previously instructed in theoretical and practical sessions.

The Spanish contingent displayed its individual and collective weaponry in a static exhibition, as well as its two main vehicles: ‘Pizarro’ infantry fighting vehicle and ‘Leopardo’ main battle tank. This was followed by a breaching exercise in which the engineer unit and the mechanised tactical sub-group took part, putting the aforementioned platforms into action.

In addition, our soldiers also had the opportunity to carry out shooting exercises with weapons from other countries, such as the Italian Franchi SPAS 15 shotgun and the Canadian Browning 9 mm pistol.

The enhance Foward Presence (eFP) mission aims to deter aggression against our Baltic allies through a defensive deployment and is a response to the Alliance's commitment to supporting member nations.

NATO's Battle Group, in the eFP mission in Latvia, ensures credible and effective deterrence against any threat to our Baltic ally, while ensuring its readiness to act in defence of Latvia if required, showing the strong commitment to the Alliance of the member countries and its multinational character.