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Spanish ‘Leopardo 2E’ Main Battle Tank within the eFP Lithuania take part in exercise ‘Raging Leopard’

June 28, 2021
  • The exercise, led by 'eFP Lithuania', has tested the skills of Spanish tank crews 

The 'Raging Leopard' exercise has helped to integrate a section of Spanish tanks into a Tactical Subgroup of the eFP Battle Group Lithuania. This marks a milestone for the Spanish Army contingent deployed in Latvia because, due to COVID restrictions, the Spanish military had not been able to travel outside Latvia for this sort of cooperation with other eFP Battle Groups, which the allied countries put at NATO's disposal in the "enhanced Forward Presence" operation in the Baltic.

The Spanish Leopard platoon was integrated into a Norwegian tactical sub-group composed of three tank platoons and a mechanised platoon. This unit acted as an opposing force facing a German tactical sub-group, belonging to the eFP Battle Group Lithuania.

The activities in Rukla, Lithuania, were split into two main phases. In the first phase, an offensive tactical action was planned, in which the Spanish section played a very active role.

The exercise has helped to verify the outstanding level of the Spanish tank units, which have not only integrated smoothly with other allied units, with which they had not previously collaborated outside Latvia, but have also shown that the Spanish ground forces can undertake the missions entrusted to them with total guarantee, regardless of the scenario in which they are carried out.