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eFP Battlegroup 'Latvia' completes live-fire exercise 'Crossbow'

June 10, 2021
  • All the Group’s units took part in the first-ever live-fire exercise

Battle Group 'eFP Latvia' has successfully completed the live-fire exercise "Crossbow", in which units from the nine nations that comprise it have participated, including Spain.

Since its deployment in January, the Group's latest rotation has conducted several exercises initially impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Any window of opportunity in which the sanitary protocols were strictly observed, has been used to gradually achieve the training objectives set in the Group.

Throughout these months, with the progressive improvement of the pandemic situation, 'eFP Latvia' has been raising the level of ambition regarding the training of its units. In this regard, the Group has carried out all kinds of exercises to improve the integration and interoperability of its units, mainly in offensive and defensive actions, conducting exercises with blank ammunition or with real fire ammunition. However, until now it was not achieved one of the most desired objectives for any battalion leader: to carry out a live-fire exercise including all units that make up the battle group.

Fortunately, the positive evolution of the health situation and the progressive improvement in the level of training of the eFP BG have allowed multinational NATO battalion to conduct an exercise of these characteristics.