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Spanish Units of Latvia eFP multinational battalion take part in exercise 'Wolverine Splinter'

May 19, 2021
  • Sappers and combat elements of infantry platoons carry out exercises in woods under limited mobility and visibility conditions 

The units of the multinational battalion deployed in Latvia, within the framework of the eFP operation -enhanced Forward Presence- are mechanized and armoured units. Despite the great advantage offered by these weapons systems in terms of mobility, survivability and firepower, the features of the operating environment, in this case the Baltic region with vast extensions of woods, sometimes mean that these units have to fight out of their vehicles.

Therefore, to keep enhancing their combat skills in wooded areas, the units of the multinational battalion eFP have conducted a range of exercises where only tactical movement on foot have allowed them to operate in this environment.

All these combat activities in areas with limited mobility were carried out in the vicinity of the town of Meza Mackevic (Latvia) as part of the exercise 'Wolverine Splinter', which took place between May 2 and 8. In this exercise, navigation practices, occupation of patrol bases, protection and defence of sensitive areas, reconnaissance patrols, ambushes and premeditated attacks on small-scale targets were conducted.

Due to the battlefield conditions, the units trained were up to platoon level, which provided an opportunity for comanding officers to have a higher level of initiative in planning and executing all tactics during the exercise.