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Spanish troops take part in exercise 'ALERTEX' within NATO's enhanced Forward Presence

March 1, 2021
  • NATO forces deployed in Latvia to continue drills to improve their response capabilities

Within the framework of NATO's eFP, the Spanish military integrated in the 'Wolverine' Tactical Group, have conducted exercise 'ALERTEX' to test their response capacity to any aggression that Latvia might suffer.

The aim of this exercise is to carry out a coordinated military action to deter an invading force from launching an attack on Latvia or any other type of action that implies the violation of its territory. Specifically, this exercise aims to test the warning system's effectiveness and the immediate response capability of the multinational Tactical Group that NATO provides to the Latvian Mechanized Brigade (MKBDE).

The different units belonging to the eFP Battle Group have been implementing the procedures that provide a gradual and staggered response to any threat that looms over Latvia. The scenario evolves from a situation of calm to a state of alert in which, Latvian and NATO forces are able to decisively respond to the threat.

In order to verify the reliability of this type of exercise, throughout all stages of the exercise, the readiness of the units, their interoperability and, above all, the effectiveness of all activities associated with the combat and protection function are analyzed.