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Spanish crews compete against those of the rest of the countries of the Operation eFP

October 15, 2020

·      The seventh rotation of the Enhanced Forward Presence operation took part in the “Iron Spear ’20” competition

A team of Spanish soldiers deployed in Latvia in NATO's mission Enhanced Forward Presence (eFP), took part, from October 10 to 14, in the “Iron Spear”, one of the most prestigious competitions in the field of armoured and tanks units. Twelve countries were represented by over 40 crews which meant that current edition broke the participation record.

The “Iron Spear” consists of two modalities: Infantry Fighting Vehicle and Tanks. On the basis of both agility and marksmanship tours, the crews measured which ones combined better coordination, instruction and precisión.

Within the Tanks category, Spanish servicemen and their “Leopardo 2E” have obtained a magnificent second place, just four seconds behind the winning crew (Norway).

Within the Infantry Fighting Vehicle category, Spanish crew finished in a commendable third place fighting against the best crews of the modern CV90 and beating three of them using the “Pizarro fase 1”.

One of the peculiarities of this competition is that the “Battle Group” (a multinational battalion-size unit) organizes this event aiming to show the capabilities of the Alliance countries. Therefore, it finishes with an exhibition of the combat power that NATO deploys in the operation eFP.