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The contingent of Operation 'Support for Turkiye' celebrates the Second of May at Incirlik Airbase

Adana, Turkiye
May 2, 2023
  • The Spanish contingent held a military ceremony in memory of the Heroes of the Second of May 1808, in observance of article 12 of the Royal Regency Decree of 7 July 1812.

The Spanish Contingent in Turkiye has performed a formal ceremony in tribute to the Heroes of the Second of May 1808, at the Incirlik Air Base.

In the ceremony in which complied with article 12 of the Royal Regency Edict, where the Decree of July 7th 1812 was read, as well as the reading of the Commendation to the memory of the heroic artillery captains Luis Daoíz y Torres and Pedro Velarde Santillán, by the most senior captain of the contingent.

The military parade was attended by representatives of the allied nations with a presence at the Base, the Turkish Air Force, Polish and Lithuanian armies.

In addition, a delegation from the Spanish Embassy in Turkiye visited and assisted the event.

The Force Commander in Adana took the opportunity of the military event to award the title of Artilleryman of Honour to Colonel Doblas Jiménez, Interior Attaché of the Spanish Embassy in Turkiye, granted by the Commanding General of the Anti-Aircraft Artillery Command. It is granted for his contribution to the contingent deployed in Adana, especially during the response to the earthquake in Turkiye on February 6th, as well as for having strengthened the image of the Anti-Aircraft Artillery abroad.

The A/T XVII Contingent has passed the halfway point of its deployment in Turkiye, and continues to carry out its mission of anti-missile defence of the city of Adana, 24/7, until it is handed over to the components of A/T XVIII next June.