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The Patriot contingent continues its mission and contributes to the international earthquake mitigation response

February 9, 2023
  • The 17th A/T (Türkiye Support) contingent provides logistical support to the Military Emergency Unit (UME, in Spanish) and to different organisations, such as the Special Emergency and Immediate Response Unit of Madrid

The Spanish contingent deployed at the Incirlik Air Base (Adana) - 17th A/T contingent - is supporting with means and personnel the Military Emergency Unit (UME, in Spanish) teams, as well as the Emergency and Immediate Response team of Madrid (ERICAM, in Spanish).

They are also assisted in the organisation of pre-deployment rescue teams in the areas assigned by Turkish authorities.

Within the actions carried out by the contingent's personnel are the entrance management of Spanish civilian and military staff at the Incirlik Air Base, the unloading and transport of the rescue teams sent to Türkiye, supply and food accommodation, as well as the delivery of the different light and heavy vehicles, and camp material.

Following its deployment in the Gaziantep city surroundings - one of the most devastated places by the quake - the UME has set up its command post in the PATRIOT Contingent's life zone facilities within the air base.

In addition, contingent personnel have led the ERICAM convoy to deploy in the surroundings of Alexandretta (Iskenderun) in Hatay province.

There is also help to unload humanitarian aid material from dozens of transport planes from different countries that are landing at the base and joining in the international aid effort to relieve the effects of the earthquake.


All these actions add to the daily activity of the PATRIOT contingent that keeps the Anti-Missile Defence mission in the city of Adana operational.