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Training days come to an end in the Emergency Military Unit and BRILIB XXXIX to the Civil Defence Centres of south Lebanon

Marjayoun, Lebanon
July 14, 2023
  • With the Galatea Programme, the Spanish military personnel have provided training to Lebanese personnel in safety and rescue in emergency situations and firefighting

With the awarding ceremony of certificates to the Lebanese personnel that has participated in the training since last June 25, the Emergency Military Unit (UME in Spanish) and the Lebanon Brigade XXXIX personnel have ended the training providing theoretical and practical aspects to the Lebanese civil protection structure has been supported in their skills enhancement.

During these weeks, the training has mainly focused in safety and rescue in emergency situations, as well as in forest firefighting. Fire attack techniques, use of fire engines, extrication, shoring and physical search techniques have been some aspects among which learners have had the opportunity to practice in order to improve their skills in these areas, which have a direct impact on the population of UNIFIL’s East Sector.

Galatea is one of the collaboration programmes developed in areas of operations where our Armed Forces deploy, constituting one of the existing activities of civil-military interactions in support of the civilian milieu.

This type of actions has gained momentum due to the good welcome among local authorities and population, becoming an excellent path to show a positive image of the deployed troops, and of Spain’s solidarity, with the efforts of the international community as well as that of the Lebanese people, more concretely.