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Sentences for the attack on Spanish soldiers in the Lebanese town of El Khiam in 2007 have been issued

July 12, 2023
  • In the attack, six paratroopers died and two more were injured

Lebanon’s Permanent Military Court has communicated to the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) the sentences for the attack that took place on June 24 in 2007 against a Personal Transport Armoured Vehicle (BMR in Spanish) of the Spanish contingent of UNIFIL in the vicinity of El Khiam and perpetrated by means of an explosive device of a vehicle.

The accused, Naim Hammoud, is currently in prison and has been convicted of two crimes. The first relates to life imprisonment as a result of killing and attempting to kill members of the Spanish contingent of UNIFIL by detonating a car bomb. The second is a fifteen-year imprisonment for organising an armed group with the aim of committing crimes against people, undermining the authority of the State, possessing explosive materials for terrorist acts, perpetuating terrorist attacks and transporting military arms and weapons without a licence.

The fallen soldiers were Parachute Legionary Knights Juan Carlos Villoria Díaz, Jonathan Galea García, Yeison Alejandro Castaño Abadía, Jeferson Vargas Moya, Yhon Edisson Posada Valencia y Manuel David Portas Ruiz. They all took part of the 2nd Lebanon Brigade’s Light Protected Tactic Group, and belonged to the Almogávares VI Paratrooper Brigade.