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The BRILIB XXXIX Medical Unit performs a training exercise of medical evacuation

Marjayoun, Lebanon
July 10, 2023
  • The practical exercise has been conducted in coordination with AeroMedical Evacuation UNIFIL, integrated by a Military Medical Services of the French Land Forces

Practical exercise of aereoevacuation of a polytraumatised patient at the Miguel de Cervantes Base. The simulation consisted of medical care for a soldier who had fallen from heights, resulting in multiple injuries and cranioencephalic trauma.

After being stabilised and immobilised in the incident scene, he was transferred to the Spanish ROLE 1 in an ambulance in order to continue with the treatment and to request medical evacuation (MEDEVAC) to the UNIFIL AeroMedical Evacuation Team. Thirty minutes after its activation, a medical helicopter landed at the heliport Base (UNP 7-2), and the Spanish medical team, belonging to the BRIPAC, transferred the patient, with the French team taking the lead in the situation.

These training exercises of medical emergency simulation are a key milestone in the continuous training of the Military Medical Services in order to maintain their operational capabilities, as well as to go further in the coordination between different nations, which is central in the missions abroad in which Spain takes part. All these actions are part of the ongoing commitment of the Spanish Military Medical Services in their attempt to continue working so as to be able to offer medical support at the highest level both technically and tactically to the Armed Forces.