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The Spanish UNIFIL contingent carries out a first aid training course.

Marjayoun, Lebanon
May 3, 2023
  • The course, in which the Lebanese Armed Forces participated, has served to update and unify procedures

The UNIFIL Spanish contingent deployed in Lebanese mission has participated together with the rest of the personnel of the Eastern Sector and the Lebanese Armed Forces in health training days. The activities consisted of theoretical and practical classes mainly on the treatment of massive haemorrhage and  control with jack, haemostatic gauze and emergency bandage; airway opening with chin to head manoeuvres; respiratory assessment and management of gunshot wound in the chest with control of open pneumothorax; circulatory assessment, management of shock, management of gunshot wound to abdomen, immobilization of bleeding fractures and emergency bandaging of abdomen; prevention of hypothermia and use of hypothermia blanket; airway obstruction by an object, lateral safety position, Heimlich manoeuvre and basic CPR.

The training sessions ended with an evaluation exercise and a closing ceremony during which diplomas were awarded to the participants who had successfully completed the course.

This activity is part of the collaboration between UNIFIL and the Lebanese Armed Forces, with the aim of contributing to peace and stability in Lebanon.