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The Spanish contingent is carrying out the Cervantes programme for the promotion of the Spanish language in southern Lebanon

En Marjayoun, Líbano
April 24, 2023
  • Military of BRILIB XXXVIII give Spanish classes to Lebanese personnel and to military of the Serbian and Indonesian contingent

The Spanish military from BRILIB XXXVIII, in a voluntary way, give Spanish language classes to Lebanese children and adults, to the Lebanese police and to soldiers from the Serbian and Indonesian contingents. This activity is coordinated by the G9 (civil affairs) staff of CG Sector East.

In six Lebanese locations, Marjayoun, Kleyaa, Deir Mimess, Bourj al Malouke, Kafer Kela and Ebel el Saqui, the Cervantes programme is taught every day of the week except Sundays. A total of 182 Lebanese students receive Spanish classes, including 107 children, 53 adults and 22 policemen.

At the Miguel de Cervantes Base, Spanish classes are given to 8 students from the Serbian contingent and 9 students from the Indonesian contingent.

The Cervantes programme was implemented in 1999 in Kosovo, extending to Bosnia Herzegovina (BiH) and Lebanon in 2007. It is carried out under the supervision of the Cervantes Institute (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) and its main objective is to promote the Spanish language among the local population where our Armed Forces operate, making national values and culture known. Before teaching the Spanish language (and also the values and customs of our culture), the soldiers receive training courses from the Institute.

In the case of Lebanon, almost 600 soldiers have taught the Spanish language to approximately 6,000 Lebanese students since they began this humanitarian mission in 2007.