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UNIFIL sector east multinational brigade carries out urban training days with Lebanese Armed Forces

En Marjayoun, Líbano
April 14, 2023
  • This activity seeks to unify operations between UNIFIL Sector East Forces and the Lebanese Armed Forces

UNIFIL Sector East and Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF) units have carried out coordinated urban training in agreement with the instructions of UNIFIL HQ and the approval of LAF HQ.

This drill took place at the Spanish contingent's Miguel de Cervantes Military Base and at the Kawkaba Training Centre. On this occasion, the training was conducted by the Indonesian contingent.

The operational procedures of the LAF and UNIFIL are different and, in order to carry out coordinated activities with the LAF, it is necessary to share knowledge in order to unify these procedures.

The instruction consisted of both theoretical and practical classes and involved 32 military personnel from the different contingents of UNIFIL Sector East and 10 military personnel from the LAF.

The most important activities were the preparation and testing of equipment for urban combat, movement technique in an urban environment, room cleaning and skills for the treatment of prisoners.

At the end of the training, a closing ceremony was held in which a certificate was awarded to the participants who had completed the course successfully.

This activity is part of the collaboration between UNIFIL and the LAF, with the aim of contributing to peace and stability in Lebanon.