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The Foreign Affairs Committee of the Congress of Deputies visits the Multinational Brigade of UNIFIL Sector East

March 17, 2023
  • The Spanish MPs were able to see the work carried out by the Spanish contingent

The Foreign Affairs Committee of the Congress of Deputies had the opportunity to see first-hand the facilities, resources and activities that the different contingents of UNIFIL's Sector East, led by Spain, are carrying out in their area of responsibility.

The MPs Pau Vicent Mari Klose, Antonio Gómez-Reino Varela, María Olga Alonso Suárez, María Valentina Martínez Ferro, Alberto Teófilo Asarta Cuevas and Zaida Cantera de Castro, accompanied by the Spanish Ambassador in Lebanon, Jesús Ignacio Santos Aguado, were received in the Don Quijote square of the Miguel de Cervantes Base by the Commander of the Eastern Sector of UNIFIL, Brigadier General Melchor Marín Elvira, then they greeted the Heads of Unit and Headquarters personnel.

Subsequently, they were briefed on the operational situation in Sector East and visited the Tactical Operations Centre (TOC), the maintenance unit of the Logistics Unit and the Spanish Health Centre (ROLE-1). The Spanish delegation was able to visit the area of operations in Sector East, passing through United Nations Position (UNP) 4-7C, belonging to the Indian contingent, and UNP 4-28, belonging to the Spanish contingent. At both positions, they received detailed information about the work being carried out there. They could also contemplate the border between Lebanon and Israel, known as the Blue Line.

The Spanish MPs visited the village of Deir Mimess, where a quick-impact Spanish-funded project to improve the village's water supply by electrically connecting a water pump was inaugurated.

From here, and to conclude the visit, they travelled back to the Miguel de Cervantes Base, where they attended a static exhibition of different vehicles and materials from the mission.