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Task Force 'Alfa' of the Spanish Brigade patrols the Blue Line and the area of operations of UNIFIL Sector East.

Marjayoun, Lebanon
February 27, 2023
  • Task Force 'Alfa' is composed of personnel from the Light Armored Cavalry Group 'Reyes Católicos' II of the Legion.

Task Force 'Alfa' (TF-A) of the Spanish Brigade is one of the two reserves available in UNIFIL Sector East.  It is of squadron entity and is constituted on the basis of a section of the Light Armored Cavalry Group 'Reyes Católicos, II de la Legión'.

In its maximum composition it has a cavalry section with Cavalry Exploration Vehicles (VEC), a platoon of sappers with explosive ordnance reconnaissance and mobility support capabilities, an EOD (Explosive Ordnance Disposal) team and a cynological team for deactivation and location of explosives. They also have one or more stabilization cells, a team to ensure communications, a Serbian section with Crowd and Riot Control (CRC) capabilities, and a series of logistical supports with maintenance, recovery and supply capabilities..

In addition to their reserve duties, they conduct daily ground reconnaissance and security patrols throughout the sector, both day and night. It also has two specialized aerial reconnaissance teams that conduct weekly or biweekly helicopter patrols. These activities provide the TF-A with extensive knowledge of the entire sector and provide the command with an effective security and intelligence gathering resource.

They also carry out joint activities with other units, such as the training with the Finnish company of the Force Commander Reserve (FCR), from February 22 to 24. During these days, action procedures have been shared to obtain mutual knowledge of the units and to favor their integration in case they have to operate together.

Due to its firepower, speed, short reaction time and knowledge of the area, the TF-A is particularly suitable for reserve duties. It can immediately go to trouble spots, making it an essential tool for the command when dealing with any contingency that may affect the development of the mission in compliance with the United Nations mandate.