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Spanish-led Multinational Brigade gives lectures on gender perspective in UNIFIL Sector East

Marjayoun, Lebanon
February 24, 2023
  • Multinational Brigade personnel have explained to civilian and military authorities the gender perspective activities carried out in this area.

The Multinational Brigade led by Spain has given a conference on "Military Gender Task Forces Meeting" (gender perspective) in the UNP 8-30 position of the Nepalese battalion. The purpose of this conference was to explain in general terms all the activities developed by the FAST team (Female Assessment Support Team) in UNIFIL Sector East in which the concept of gender is taken into account.

Among those attending the conferences were Major Xangrong Huang (Gender Affairs Officer UN HQ in New York), Afaf Omer (Chief Gender Advisor Unit) and Rana Rahal (Gender Advisor Unit). Serbian, Salvadorian, Spanish, Nepalese and Indonesian representatives also attended.

The first lecture was given by Major Krunal of the Indian battalion, Gender Advisor of UNIFIL Sector East. In this talk he explained in general terms all the activities carried out in the sector.

Sergeant Ylenia García Requeno then presented all the civic-military cooperation (CIMIC) and operational activities in which the contribution of women in peacekeeping operations can be developed. Her presentation focused on specific activities such as medical and psychological assistance, first aid courses, talks on breast cancer, different collaboration programs ('Duque de Ahumada', 'Sancho Panza', 'Cervantes', 'Fierabrás'), activities organized at Christmas, sports activities and community outings, where they interact with the Lebanese population.

The use of the TEC (Tracker Engagement Community) tool was also explained, in order to obtain statistics as real as possible of all the activities in which the gender perspective is present.

With these initiatives UNIFIL and Spain aim to consolidate in all contingents values such as inclusion, non-discrimination and gender balance in all aspects.