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Lebanon Brigade gives first aid course to Civil Defence Centres in southern Lebanon

Marjayoun, Lebanon
February 13, 2023
  • This activity, carried out by the medical team of the Spanish Miguel de Cervantes Base, is part of the cooperation with the local civilian authorities

The medical team of the Spanish contingent in Lebanon has given a first aid course to the Civil Defence Centres (CDC), the Spanish equivalent of Civil Protection, in southern Lebanon. The course took place at the Marjayoun town hall.

The activity aroused great interest and it was necessary to include a centre from outside the Spanish area of responsibility, at the request of the director of the Civil Defence Centres for the entire Nabatiyeh area, Hussein Fakih. 32 people participated in the course, which was attended by the directors of the Marjayoun CDC, Anis Abla, of the Rachaya al Foukar CDC, Samer Hardan, and of the Kahlwat CDC, Adnan Maddah.

The Civil Defence Centres involved were those in the towns of Marjayoun, Rachaya al Foukar, Chebaa, Khalwat, Nabatiyeh, Kfarsir and Koulyaa.

The subjects taught were classified into three areas such as stabilisation and mobilisation, in which cervical immobilisation, mobilisation of the polytrauma patient, explanation of the types of extraction and mobilisation materials, and the use of the semi-automatic defibrillator were taught.

At the end of the course, the director of all the Civil Defence Centres, Hussein Fakih, thanked the Spanish contingent for all the support they have received.

With these initiatives, Spain shows its support and solidarity with the Lebanese people by actively participating in the development and progress of the country and contributing to building a lasting peace in the Middle East by complying with UN Resolution 1701.