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Spain´s Brigade in Lebanon pays tribute to the fallen in this UNIFIL area of operations

Marjayoun, Lebanon
January 29, 2023
  • Tribute was paid to all the legionnaires, paratroopers, and soldiers who died on the mission, in a day devoted to the fallen

A tribute was paid to all the soldiers who served under the flag of Spain and UNIFIL and fell in the line of duty. Three consecutive acts took place in front of the monoliths raised in memory of the deceased

The acts were held to coincide with the anniversary of the death of the Legionary Corporal Francisco Javier Soria Toledo. A projectile hit the tower where he was serving in position 4-28, providing security to his comrades, on 28 JAN 2015.

A representation of Spain´s contingent, the Honours Picket, the Guidons and Banners, and the War Band of the 38th BRILIB formed in front of the monolith in tribute to Corporal Soria, in the position 4-28 of UNIFIL. In this act, presided by the Chief of the Multinational Brigade, Brigadier General Melchor Marín Elvira, the ephemeris of the event was read, followed by a tribute to the fallen and the laying of a wreath at the foot of the commemorative monolith.

After this ceremony, the commission, led by the 38th BRILIB Chief, moved to the area around 'El Khiam', next to the monolith in tribute to the six 'Legionaries Paratroopers' who died in an attack on 24 JUN 2007. Here, another ceremony was held with the reading of the commemoration, the laying of a wreath, a funeral service by the contingent's Priest and the performance of a prayer in memory of the deceased – the legionary paratroopers (CLPs, in Spanish): Yeison Alejandro Castaño Abadía, Jonathan Galea García, Manuel David Portas Ruiz, Yhon Edisson Posada Valencia, Jefferson Vargas Moya and Juan Carlos Villora Díaz.

Finally, the retinue moved to the Miguel de Cervantes Base, next to the monolith in memory of the legionary corporal Yeison Felipe Ospina Vélez, who died in an accident on 15 JUN 2008, where tribute was also paid to him.

During these ceremonies, General Marín addressed a few words in which he highlighted the importance of moral values in the military, the duty of gratitude and recognition that we have towards all those who have given their lives for Spain in the line of duty and the gratitude that is endorsed with this type of act. Finally, he paid tribute to all the soldiers who died in the 'Libre Hidalgo' operation.