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Spanish Brigade in Lebanon intensifies its civil-military cooperation actions with several donations

November 2, 2022
  • Spanish military personnel are involved with schools, farmers and sports associations, attending to their different needs.

The Spanish Brigade in Lebanon (BRILIB) has intensified its civil-military cooperation actions in the last week with different donations and projects in several localities of the area of responsibility of the Spanish contingent, south of the Litani River. First of all, containers for garbage collection were delivered to the locality of Kafer Kela in a support project for the improvement of public services financed by the Kingdom of Spain.

In another project financed by Spain, solar panels have been installed in the municipal premises of Meiss Ej Jebel to provide continuity in the administrative work in view of the continuous power cuts suffered by the region.

On the other hand, 1600 kg of fertilizer donated by the ´Caja Rural del Sur´ Foundation, which had previously been recommended by the agricultural engineers of the Almazara program for the specific treatment of the soil in the area, have been delivered to the towns of Kafer Hamam and Hebbariye. At Kleyaa Public School, the Spanish military have delivered toys, school supplies and anti-COVID 19 masks donated by the Association of ´Costaleros del Alpargate´ of Cordoba and the Association of Brotherhoods of Cordoba

Finally, sports equipment donated by the Federación de Peñas Cordobesas, Churriana FC, Real Betis Balompié Foundation and Cádiz CF Foundation was given to the Al-Jabal de Hasbaya Sports Club, after which a women's soccer match was played between the local team and a team from the Spanish Brigade.

Spain remains committed to supporting the Lebanese people and society by fostering development, enhancing culture and promoting sport and its values as the driving forces that contribute to creating well-being, boosting prosperity and building peace and stability in Lebanon.