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Spanish and French military personnel execute joint training sessions at the Miguel de Cervantes Base

Marjayoun, Lebanon
July 13, 2022
  • Both reserve units were trained in conducting joint patrols, shooting exercises and first aid practices

The reserve unit of the Spanish sector, Task Force Alfa (TF-A), carried out training along with the UNIFIL reserve unit, the Force Commander Reserve (FCR). During these sessions, various action procedures of both units were shared and thus favour their integration in case of having to operate jointly.

During the days, the two units have carried out hand-to-hand combat training exercises, combat in urbanized areas, first aid practices, shooting exercises and execution of patrols established in daily missions. Both units are cavalry and are characterized by their reaction speed, their high mobility, their flexibility and the great versatility of their resources, which allows both to act promptness in their area of responsibility.

The main mission of the reserve is to provide an additional tool to the commander to deal with contingencies that exceed the capabilities of the manoeuvre battalions and that may affect the development and fulfilment of their missions. In addition, the reserve allows a reinforcement of the security in case of an escalation of the threat by increasing the presence of force and providing greater firepower using the Cavalry exploration vehicles (VEC in Spanish) of the TF-A.