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The ship 'Ysabel' docks in Beirut for the first time in a logistical support operation for the OP 'Libre Hidalgo'

Beirut, Líbano
June 1, 2022
  • The ship completes one of the most complex activities to support the mission which has represented an important logistical milestone due to its carrying capacity

The Army’s ship 'Ysabel', operated by the Navy, arrived in Beirut after a stopover in Mersin. This is the first time that she supports Operation 'Libre Hidalgo'. The 'Ysabel' left Valencia on May 21, with a significant load of material, such as various types of vehicles and troops protection material, as well as spare parts and assemblies. This contribution represents an increase in the Spanish contingent’s operational capabilities as well as a reinforcement of those they already have within the framework of the mission in Lebanon.

The transportation of cargo to the 'Miguel de Cervantes' Base requires specific actions being carried out such as night convoys, escorts, coordination measures with the Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF) and the establishment of an intermediate waiting area between the means of transport and the final destination of the cargo. In this transit, personnel from the Tactical Group 'Almansa' have provided security both in land transport and in the waiting area.

Personnel of the Logistics Unit (ULOG in Spanish) carried out the necessary administrative and logistical actions, from the transportation of material, the management of customs’ permission for the docking and entry of material in the port, to the obligatory tasks of disinfection. For negotiations with the Lebanese authorities, the contingent receives the support of the liaison officer of the Directorate General for Defence Policy (DIGENPOL in Spanish) stationed at the Spanish Embassy in Beirut.

In addition, the members of the Civil Guard Unit of 'Libre Hidalgo' contributed to the operation, leading the convoys in coordination with the LAF, and attending to the requirements of possible fiscal interventions.

The operation was led and conducted by the national part of the Headquarters of the Multinational Brigade of the Eastern Sector of UNIFIL, in Marjayoun. The execution of the operation, preceded by close coordination with the Operations Command (MOPS in Spanish) and the Logistics Support Centre for Operations (CALOG-OP), lasted more than 30 hours straight while the aptitudes and skills acquired by the Brigade during its preparation in National Territory, three days after taking command of the operation were tested.

The 'Ysabel' is a logistics ship of the Ro-Ro type, an acronym for the term roll on-roll off, which is used to refer to all types of ship that transports vehicles, both cars and trucks, which is in service in the Army since the end of 2020 and which came to replace the logistics ships 'El Camino Español' (A-05) and 'Martín Posadillo' (A-04) decommissioned in 2019 and 2020 respectively.