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The Spanish contingent in the United Nations mission supports the economic development of the area

Marjayun, Lebanon
March 29, 2022
  • The Spanish contingent has organized a market with local entrepreneurs at the 'Miguel de Cervantes' Base

One of the events supporting the population of the United Nations mission was the fleamarket organized by the Spanish military personnel at the head of the deployment of the East Sector Multinational Brigade. This activity, which was regularly held with traders of the area, was suspended in October 2021 because of the pandemic. Now, after an improvement in the situation, it has been able to resume and has had a great impact on local commerce.

The event was attended by 26 merchants who set up their stands and displays inside the hall of the Miguel de Cervantes Base. Two restaurants were also represented, where all the military personnel who attended the activity, in addition to purchasing typical products of the area, electronic items and clothing, were able to taste the traditional Lebanese food.

In addition to the Spanish personnel, the market was attended by military contingents from other nations stationed in the East Sector: Indians, Nepalese, Indonesians, Serbians, Cambodians, Salvadorians and Brazilians. The commercial activity was supported by the assistance of Charbel el Alam, Qaemmaqam of Bint Jbelt and Mohammad Saab, president of the commune of Al Arkoub and at the same time mayor of the district of Chebaa. General Armada, as Head of the Multinational Brigade of the East Sector, thanked them for their presence and joined them during the entire visit.

The 'Street Market' as the fleamarket is called, is a very useful activity to maintain a positive relationship with the Lebanese people, as it builds mutual trust which is key to the stability and prosperity of the population. It also favors the economic development of the area to cope with the current crisis in the nation.