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The Spanish contingent in Lebanon puts military communications to the test

Marjayoun, Lebanon
September 27, 2021
  • Deployment of tactical networks ensures communications between the different command posts throughout UNIFIL's area of operations in South Lebanon

The Spanish contingent in Lebanon keeps on training, as well as conducting operations, as shown in exercise 'Resilient Link' , in which tactical networks were put to the test. The signal Unit, the networks Platoon and the HQ’s Support Unit of  UNIFIL's Multinational Brigade Sector East were involved in the exercise.

It should be mentioned that the main training goal was the deployment and implementation of communications between the forward command posts of the mission's component commands.

The scenario of the exercise was the simulation of a massive failure of the main communications networks based on the lebanese land telephone lines, which led to the deployment of tactical networks assets belonging to signal units.

This situation made it possible to evaluate the behaviour, integration and interoperability of the different systems provided by each of the nations deployed in the area of operations, reaching their maximum efficiency with the HF communications systems.

The communications networks set up for that purpose got to maintain the connections between the advanced command post of the mission headquarters (FHQ), with the respective headquarters of the East (SECEAST) and West (SECWEST) Sectors, as well as that of the reserve unit (FCR). These nodes, in turn, maintained communications with their respective tactical operations centres (TOC) located in each of the Main Bases of the Brigades in Naqoura, Marjayoun, Sama and Burj Qallawiyah. The exercise has not only considered the links between the units on land, but the maritime component of UNIFIL was also integrated into it.

Specifically, the Spanish signal unit deployed a satellite mobile station called 'Soria', which supported the forward command post of the Sector East headquarters located at the small firing range that UNIFIL has in the vicinity of the Naqoura headquarters.

In the course of the exercise, the Chief of Staff of UNIFIL HQ, brigadier general Hubert Gomart, paid a visit to the satellite station. The head of the information and communications systems Platoon of BRILIB XXXV, major Perales Ballesteros, briefed him on the capabilities of the Spanish networks assets.

The set targets were successfully achieved and have been used to plan a new exercise of this nature in the near future.