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UNIFIL Spanish contingent to promote support for education system in southern Lebanon

August 20, 2021
  • The Ministry of Defence is funding improvements to the public school in the village of El Khyam

One of the areas of action in terms of humanitarian aid that the Ministry of Defence uses as part of the Rapid Impact Projects of the Spanish contingent within the UNIFIL mission in Lebanon, is the improvement of the educational system in this country.

On this occasion, this aid has resulted in the construction of a canopy in the schoolyard of the public school in the town of El Khyam. Improving the environment and the facilities where educational work is performed is an incentive for students to learn. The construction of this canopy is aimed at protecting the pupils from severe weather conditions during outdoor sports activities.

The public work was inaugurated this week on a ceremony chaired by the mayor of El Khyam, Adnan Alayan, and attended by the school's director, Norma Zalzani. On behalf of UNIFIL, the delegation was led by the head of the Spanish Battalion of the Multinational Brigade of Sector East, Lieutenant Colonel Pérez Montes, accompanied by the head of the Civil-Military Affairs Cell of the General Headquarters and the representative of Civil Affairs of the Sector.

In their speeches, both the mayor of El Khyam and the principal of the school acknowledged the assistance provided by UNIFIL and expressed their confidence that the good relations between Lebanon and the Spanish contingent will continue to be reflected in future aid and collaboration projects.

The head of the Spanish Battalion also appreciated the presence of the mayor at the event, as well as the hospitality with which the delegation was received. On the other hand, he remarked the interest that exists on the part of UNIFIL in maintaining the existing good relations with this population.