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Members of the ISPUHEL XVIII contingent conduct a pre-deployment reconnaissance of the area of operations.

Al Asad, Iraq
March 1, 2023
  • The personnel, who will occupy the various key positions of the A/I contingent, have learned about the mission they will perform in the coming months in the field.

Personnel of the A/I helicopter unit, ISPUHEL XVIII, the next contingent to be deployed in Iraq, has carried out a reconnaissance of the Al Asad Air Base (Iraq).

During this reconnaissance phase, both the chief of mission and the rest of the military responsible for the different areas that make up the incoming rotation, have had the opportunity to know in first person the development of the mission that the Spanish helicopter unit is carrying out in Iraqi territory, providing with its means the necessary capabilities to support the intra-theater helitransports of the Coalition forces.

They have also had the opportunity to receive information on their respective areas of work, to see the facilities of this Unit in this base and to meet the authorities of the different Units housed there.

This reconnaissance phase is fundamental as it allows to obtain a detailed and updated vision of the procedures, the work rhythm (24/7) or the possible vicissitudes that they will have to face once the changeover takes place. All these aspects are key to getting the most out of the preparation of the new contingent, and to successfully complete the Operational Training Period and, in particular, the pre-deployment concentration phase.