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Transfer of Authority within the Spanish contingent in operation 'Support to Irak'

August 18, 2021
  • General Salgado takes command of the Spanish contingent in the country and takes over as head of NMI HQ

General Carlos María Salgado Romero has become commander of the Spanish troops deployed in Iraq, as well as Nato Mission Iraq (NMI) Chief of Staff.

After an intense program full of activities aimed at carrying out a good handover of all tasks to be carried out by general Salgado, the transfer of authority of both positions, which have been filled by Colonel Miguel Ángel Sánchez Castro since last May, was held at the multinational base of U-III (Baghdad).

A mission full of challenges and goals lies ahead, both commanding NATO Mission Headquarters and exercising the leadership of all Spanish military personnel deployed in Iraq.

Roughly 260 Spanish servicemen are currently deployed in Iraq as part of the International Coalition's Operation Inherent Resolve and NATO mission in the country.