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A Force Protection Unit is deployed in operation "NATO Mission Iraq"

November 6, 2020
  • A Spanish platoon is assigned to Union III base to provide security to this facility  

Over 30 legionaries from “La Legión” 2nd Tercio "Duque de Alba", located in Ceuta, were deployed in Baghdad to join the international Force Protection Unit in the allied operation “NATO Mission Iraq” (NMI).

The Force Protection Unit, made up of Danes, Poles, Latvians and Spaniards, will be under the command of a Danish Army commander. The missions that they will carry out during the assingnemt in the operation will be mainly to escort civilian and military advisers.

The advisory tasks carried out in Baghdad affect many civil and military institutions and those tasks allow to achieve development objectives within the country.

This deployment of the Spanish Armed Forces, will continue to contribute to fight terrorism and to provide advice to the Iraqi Security Forces.