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The 'Toledo Training Coordination Centre' instructs for the first time Ukrainian military personnel in the maintenance of the Nasams anti-aircraft missile system.

Cartagena, Murcia
March 21, 2024
  • It is one of the new training modules that Spain has committed to provide to the Ukrainian Armed Forces in 2024.

Instructors from the Toledo Training Coordination Center (TTCC), belonging to the Spanish Army, are training Ukrainian soldiers for the first time in the maintenance of the NASAMS anti-aircraft defence system. The training is part of the first module of this kind offered by the Centre.

Air defence systems are essential for protecting Ukrainian skies against any aerial threat. Spain is actively contributing by training Ukrainian military personnel in the use and maintenance of these systems. The TTCC has already taught the HAWK system and PATRIOT system maintenance modules. This week, the NASAMS maintenance course was given for the first time.

NASAMS is a Norwegian-built, mobile towed anti-aircraft artillery system for medium-altitude defence.

The military members of the Anti-Aircraft Artillery Regiment No. 73, belonging to the Anti-Aircraft Artillery Command, are in charge of carrying out this training, which was integrated into the structure of the TTCC during the development of the module. This course lasts approximately one month and takes place at the facilities of the 'Tentegorra' Barracks in Cartagena.