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Successful completion of eight training modules for Ukrainian military personnel conducted by the 'Toledo Training Coordination Center'.

In Burgos
March 1, 2024
  • More than 200 Ukrainian military personnel, trained by the Spanish Armed Forces, return to their country after having completed the training program of the European Union Military Assistance Mission Ukraine (EUMAM UA).

After a demanding training period of several weeks, Ukrainian military personnel who have completed eight different training modules are returning home today where they will put into practice what they have learned.

The Spanish Armed Forces and the Civil Guard have successfully trained more than 200 Ukrainian military personnel in various specialities, distributed in a number of locations throughout Spain.

On the one hand, previously taught modules that were considered be very useful for Ukraine, have been repeated, including the Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC), Engineer Combat Basics, Platoon Leader, Armoured Tracked Vehicle Maintenance, Geospatial Vector and the Military Decision Making Process.

In these courses, the Ukrainian soldiers have been instructed by the Spanish Armed Forces to carry out the functions of a combatant, including: tactical treatment of casualties in combat, precision and combat shooting, handling of explosives, opening of breaches, maintenance of the armoured tracked transport vehicle, handling of geospatial software or acquisition of knowledge to adequately lead a platoon.

On the other hand, the Army and the Civil Guard have taught two newly created modules for the Toledo Training Coordination Center: the PATRIOT Air Defence System Maintenance module and the Counterterrorism module of the Civil Guard.

In the first module, located in Marines, the Ukrainian soldiers were able to practice with the simulator as well as with the deployed system itself. The second, given by personnel from the Rural Action Unit of the Logrono Special Training Centre, consisted of training in various technical tactics and special procedures for preventing hostile action.

These training have been carried out in Spain since November 2022 within the framework of the EUMAM UA, through the structure created for this purpose, the Toledo Training Coordination Center (TTCC), which directs and coordinates it from its headquarters located in Burgos. More than 3,400 Ukrainian military personnel have been trained in Spain since then.

The Permanent Combat Training Unit, based in Toledo, is responsible for training. The Army, the Navy, the Air and Space Forces and, more recently, the Civil Guard, also provide specific training modules throughout the rest of the country.

Over the coming months, new training courses will begin that will expand the capabilities requested by the Ukrainian government.