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The XIII Basic Military Training Module given by the “Tercio de Armada” to Ukrainian soldiers of the Toledo Training Coordination Centre concludes

San Fernando, Cádiz
February 16, 2024
  • An emotional closing ceremony marks the end of the Basic Combat Training module in the province of Cadiz

After five weeks of intense training for ninety soldiers belonging to the Ukrainian Armed Forces, the 'Tercio de Armada' concludes the Basic Combat Training module.

Since their landing in the Rota Naval Base at the beginning of January, the Ukrainian soldiers, aged between 20 and 30 and without any previous military training, were assigned to the Sierra del Retin Training Centre and to the different facilities available to the Tercio de Armada.

The Ukrainian soldiers, accompanied at all times by instructors from the 'Tercio de Armada', have been trained in an extremely intensive programme with hardly any time to rest. Most of the activities carried out have been focused on offensive and defensive combat, including marksmanship, firing and movement, breaching actions, assaulting fortified positions, techniques for dealing with casualties in combat and combat techniques for fighting in built-up areas. All these activities have been conducted with an optimal level of effectiveness.

This module is one of several that make up the Toledo Training Coordination Centre (TTCC), which is the structure set up by Spain to carry out the mission assumed before the European Union. Under the dependence of the Operations Command (MOPS), it has a Headquarters located in Burgos, a permanent Combat Training Unit (UFC) in Toledo and different specific training modules, which are temporarily activated to meet the requests of the Ukrainian government.