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The Toledo Training Coordination Center' trains Ukrainian military in the maintenance of PATRIOT anti-aircraft missile system

Marines, Valencia
February 2, 2024
  • This is one of the new training specialities that Spain had committed to provide to the Ukrainian Armed Forces during 2024

The current conflict situation has turned the PATRIOT missiles into an essential means of defending the Ukrainian population and the country's infrastructure. Several nations have contributed to the project to equip and train their units.

Spain does so as part of the European Union Military Assistance Mission - Ukraine (EUMAM-UA). This is the mission created by the European Union to train the country's military. The body that materialises this assistance within our Armed Forces is the Toledo Training Coordination Center (TTCC), which reports to the Operations Command (MOPS). This Center manages and coordinates the requests made by the Ukrainian government.

The training of the PATRIOT missile system has been assigned to the Anti-aircraft Artillery Command of the Spanish Army. Group III of the RAAA 73 regiment, at its headquarters in Marines, Valencia, has been designated as the reference unit for this weapon system.

The personnel arriving in Spain is being trained in the technical maintenance of the PATRIOT platform, an extremely complex environment. The professionalism and dedication of the RAAA 73 personnel makes it possible to achieve the planned objectives.