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Training of future Ukrainian platoon leaders continues in San Clemente of Sescebes

San Clemente Sescebes, Gerona
February 2, 2024
  • The Ukrainian servicemen selected to lead small combat units are being trained by the 'Aragon' Brigade

The real-life experience of fighting in Ukraine has highlighted the need for members of its armed forces to be adequately trained in certain skills or capabilities.

The Ukrainian government regularly submits requests for training to its allies. One of these needs, which is considered critical, is to have leaders for small platoon-type who are sufficiently prepared to lead them.

Spain, which continues to fulfil its commitment to the EUMAM-UA mission (European Union Military Assistance Mission - Ukraine), has replied making available the training structure created for this purpose, the Toledo Training Coordination Center (TTCC).

In this case it is the 'Aragón'I Brigade of the Spanish Army that has taken charge of this process. The training is being carried out at the 'General Álvarez de Castro' base in the town of San Clemente de Sasebas in the province of Girona.

The subjects taught are varied and are carried out in the most realistic conditions possible, with intensive and extremely demanding schedules. The results obtained in the previous modules carried out by the "Aragón" I Brigade are proof of the commitment, dedication and professionalism of its instructors.

During the first quarter of the year, it is planned to offer courses in Basic Training, Sappers, Combat Casualty Health Care, Combat in Urban Territory, Operations Planning, Platoon Leader Training, M-113 Armoured Personnel Carrier Maintenance, Geospatial Analysis, HAWK and NASAMS Anti-Aircraft Missile Maintenance and Underwater Mine Clearance.