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Spanish shift rotation in the mission of Ukrainian Armed Forces support.

En Burgos
December 5, 2023
  • The transfer of Authority between rotations II and III took place at the Toledo Training Coordination Center Headquarters

At its headquarters in Burgos, the Toledo Training Coordination Center (TTCC) headquarters took over from the contingent II, "Aragón" I Brigade from Zaragoza, which ended its activity, and "Guzmán el Bueno" X Brigade from Córdoba (contingent III), which is starting its activity.

The ceremony was headed by Brigadier General Carlos Prada Larrea as a representative of the Operations Command. During the ceremony, brigadier general Guillermo Pablo García del Barrio Díez and the one who taking over, brigadier general Ignacio Olazábal Elorz carried out the Transfer of Authority ceremony, it was symbolized by the exchange of the command guidon.

General Olazabal addressed the audience, in which the following words stand out: "It is, of course, a challenge and an honor for us to join this commitment in order to contribute to the improvement of the combat capabilities of those who suffer from the enemy invasion at home (...) We are fully determined to fulfil the assigned tasks and to support the Ukrainian army".

The TTCC is the structure created by the Spanish Armed Forces to contribute to the European Union's mission in support of Ukraine EUMAM-UA (European Union Military Assistance Mission - Ukraine), through the training and instruction of its military personnel.

This mission is being led by MOPS. In order to satisfy Ukraine demands, the TTCC Headquarters from its facilities in Burgos directs and coordinates the activities carry out by units of the Army, the Navy, and the Air and Space Force. These units can work on a permanent basis (as is the case of the UFC - Combat Training Unit of the Army located in Toledo), while others are activated to develop specific courses.

During the last six months, the TTCC-II of the "Aragon" I Brigade has contributed to the mission by training a total of 1558 Ukrainian military personnel with courses that have been given all over the country. It was coordinated by the organization of 37 modules in a wide variety of specialties: Basic Combat Training, Operations Planning, Leadership, Combat in Urban Areas, Combating Improvised Explosive Devices, Mine Clearance, Sapper Training, Medical Care for Casualties in Combat, HAWK Anti-Aircraft Missile System Operators, Maintenance of Armored Tracked Transport, Geospatial Technicians and Advanced Artillery Observers.

For its part, the TTCC-III formed by the "Guzmán el Bueno" X Brigade, as the generating base unit, it will face a similar task, both, by reiterating some of the aforementioned training modules and by coordinating others, that provide new capabilities to the Ukrainian government as they request. It will be the responsibility of TTCC-III contingent train more than 3,000 Ukrainian military personnel.

For more information on this mission, see on RRSS #EUMAN_UA_TTCC , on the accounts of #EMAD @EMADmde, as well as on the WEB European Union Military Assistance Mission to the Ukrainian Armed Forces - EMAD (