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Spanish Marine infantry are providing a new training course to the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

San Fernando, Cádiz
December 1, 2023
  •  The Combat Training Unit 'Tercio de Armada' is giving the eleventh Basic Training Course to Ukrainian Armed Forces personnel.

Ukrainian military personnel have arrived at the Cadiz province to receive military training from a new Combat Training Unit created by the Marine Infantry Brigade "Tercio de Armada", within the framework of the aforementioned EUMAM-UA mission. This unit has been created on the basis of the Second Landing Battalion.

This module lasts approximately five weeks and takes place mainly in the Retín manoeuvre field, as well as in the facilities of the marine infantry facilities.

The main training aim of the Ukrainian soldiers is the basic individual and small unit training, giving them the capacity on infantry combatant skills.

For this purpose, offensive and defensive drills will be carried out in open areas and urban environments, in a conventional scenario, in addition to the use of weapons systems and the tactical treatment of casualties in combat, all aimed at facilitating the future integration of Ukrainian personnel within their units.

When this module is completed, several hundred Ukrainian military personnel will have been trained by this unit in different periods, during the current year.

This module developed by the 'Tercio de Armada' Brigade is being carried out in parallel with others developed by our Armed Forces, for the request of the Ukrainian Government, in order to comply  with the commitments signed by Spain.

The EUMAM-UA mission is directed from the Joint Operations Command. To organize this command, the “Toledo Training Coordination Center” (TTCC) was created and its headquarters in Burgos conducts and coordinates the activities developed by the units of the Army, the Navy, and the Air and Space Army.

To attend the demands formulated by Ukraine, these units can work permanently (as is the case of the UFC or Combat Training Unit of the Army located in Toledo) while others are activated to develop specific courses.

Thus, before the end of this year, several training modules will be underway, by both, the Army and the Marine Corps. Such is the case of Basic Combat Training, Operations Planning, Small Unit Leadership, Counter Improvised Explosives Devices, Mine Clearance, Sapper Training, Combat Casualties Medical Care, Geospatial Techniques, and Armored Tracked Transport.

These trainings will be held in different locations throughout the country: Burgos, Toledo, Viator, San Fernando, Madrid or Bótoa, to show once again Spain's solidarity and commitment to international peace and stability.

More information at social media profiles #EUMAN_UA_TTCC and #EMAD @EMADmde