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Spanish Marines completes training of another contingent of the Ukrainian Armed Forces

San Fernando, Cádiz
November 10, 2023
  • The Basic Combat Training programme of a new rotation of Ukrainian Armed Forces in the context of the European Union Military Assistance Mission in Support of Ukraine has been completed.

The training of a group of military members of the Ukrainian Armed Forces has been concluded in San Fernando. It has been more than a month of an intensive programme given by the Combat Training Unit of the Marines Brigade 'Tercio de Armada'.

This last module, carried out between September and October at the Marine Infantry Brigade's facilities in San Fernando and at the "Sierra del Retín" training camp, was aimed at enabling the Ukrainian soldiers to carry out the tasks of light infantry unit combatants.

To this end, eminently practical activities have been carried out, focusing on offensive and defensive combat in developed terrain, the treatment of casualties in combat situations and the use of different weapons systems.

The training given will enable this Ukrainian force to be effectively integrated into its combat units in order to defend its territorial, integrity within internationally recognised borders.

This course given by the Marine Corps was not the only one carried out by the Spanish Armed Forces during this same period of time, as others were held in parallel in various locations, by both the Navy and the Army.

For the organisation and coordination of these modules, carried out at the request of the Ukrainian government, the Operations Command has the structure of the TTCC or Toledo Training Coordination Center, which from its headquarters in Burgos directs the activities that the units of the Army, the Navy and the Air and Space Army carry out in compliance with the commitments signed by Spain.

Some of them do so on a permanent basis (as is the case of the Army's UFC or Combat Training Unit in Toledo) and others give specific courses to meet the demands formulated by Ukraine, as has been the case of the Marine Infantry itself, which at its 'General Albacete Fuster' School in Cartagena simultaneously developed a Tactical Operations Planning module.