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Toledo Training Coordination Center's Combat Training Unit reaches maximum number of Ukrainian military trainees

October 11, 2023
  • About 450 Ukrainian military personnel, translators and Spanish instructors perform simultaneous tasks in the Combat Training Unit of the Toledo Training Coordination Center.

Last week, the unit began work with around 450 troops, divided between the General Staff, the Basic Training Company, the Specific Training Company and the civilian interpreters. Thus, Ukrainians and Spaniards share life and work at the Infantry Academy of Toledo (ACINF), which is already "the home of the Ukrainian military in Spain".

The first of the aforementioned companies is in charge of initial training, while the second teaches the modules on demining, fighting Improvised Explosive Devices and health care for casualties in combat. This is the first time that all four modules have coincided.

In addition, and in parallel, the TTCC is currently running other modules in different locations, run by Army and Navy units. Thus, Basic Instruction is also taught in San Fernando, for Engineers (in Burgos), and Leadership in small units (San Clemente de Sansebas).

The modules on Operations Planning for Officers (Cartagena), Advanced Artillery Observers (Astorga) and specialist Geographers (Madrid) have recently been completed. At the same time, the TTCC HQ (which is located in Burgos and reports to the Operations Command / MOPS) is working on the activation of more specialities and the replacement of contingents already in training.

Finally, the presence in ACINF-Toledo of the four aforementioned modules is reflected in the morning roll call, so that the courtyard of San Quintín is filled with Spanish and Ukrainian flags, as well as commitments to service, work, perseverance and cohesion.