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The ‘Toledo Training Coordination Center' (TTCC) exceeds 2,000 Ukrainian military personnel trained

September 26, 2023
  • Spain is the third largest country in terms of the number of Ukrainians trained in Ukraine.

Spain makes a significant contribution to the common goal of guaranteeing European security, specifically by supporting Ukraine by training the personnel of its armed forces, within the framework of the European Union's EUMAM-UA mission (European Military Assistance Mission - Ukraine). It is the third state that has trained the most Ukrainian military personnel.

To this end, a structure was created in November 2022 to direct, coordinate and execute their training, under the orders of the Defence General Staff, and more specifically, the Operations Command. Thus was born the 'Toledo Training Coordination Center' (TTCC).

From its headquarters in Burgos, it coordinates the work of the following:

- A permanent training unit, called the Combat Training Unit (UFC), which, located in Toledo, provides both basic and more specific training.

- Different temporary Training Modules (TM) to train Ukrainian military personnel in different specialities.

To date, the courses given by our Armed Forces have been very diverse, always at Ukraine's request and reacting with the necessary flexibility to meet its requirements. They have been given by personnel from the Army, the Navy and the Air and Space Forces in various locations and facilities.

Currently, and having surpassed the aforementioned figure of 2,000 trained troops, the Spanish Armed Forces are continuing their training work with more than 400 Ukrainian military personnel, and expect to receive several hundred more by the end of the year.