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Field Artillery Command trains Ukrainian personnel in Artillery capabilities

In Leon
September 18, 2023
  • Joins the European Union Military Assistance Mission in Support of Ukraine (EUMAM UA), training Forward Field Artillery Observers.

As part of Spain's commitment to assist Ukraine in its self-defence capabilities, the Field Artillery Command has been designated to generate a training module under the operational control of the Toledo Training Coordination Centre, with the aim of instructing personnel belonging to the Ukrainian Armed Forces in tasks related to the control and observation of indirect fire: advanced observers (OAV).

The comprehensive training of this module will be carried out mainly in Leon and will be executed by the Field Artillery Group II/11 that belongs to the Field Artillery Regiment nº11. It includes both theoretical and practical training in field artillery simulators, as well as live fire observation practices in coordination with Field Artillery Command (MACA) unit exercises.

During their stay, the Ukrainian personnel, through a demanding programme of instruction and training, will acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to be able to carry out the tasks and functions required of a fire observer. For this purpose, highly qualified and experienced personnel from the MACA have been selected to form the team of trainers for the module.

The fire observer is a combatant from field artillery units who provides fire support and deploys in observatories or integrated with combat units. He is trained to designate targets, request, correct and adjust fires on them, and assess and report on the effects achieved.

The military capabilities provided to the Ukrainian forces through the European Mission on Ukrainian territory have included multiple areas of basic and specialised training provided by the army, navy, air force and space forces: demining, counter improvised explosive devices, tactical care of casualties in combat, training of engineers, non-commissioned officers, operational planning, combat in forests and urban environments, geospatial and cyber defence technicians, gunners, anti-aircraft missile crews, and tank crews. This training has been carried out throughout Spain.

The Field Artillery Command will join this effort, contributing to the training of Advanced Observers, thus improving the effectiveness and precision of the indirect fire provided by the Ukrainian Armed Forces' Field Artillery.