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Engineer Command trains Ukrainian military in combat support capabilities

March 24, 2023
  • The training complements the demining and battle area clearance training conducted in Toledo.

The Engineer Command is imparting the Sapper Module to Ukrainian personnel at the 'Cid Campeador' Base in Castrillo del Val (Burgos). The training is being carried out in response to Ukraine's request for training in demining, CIED (Counter Improvised Explosive Device) and sapper capabilities.

Around 40 Ukrainian military personnel have already been trained in Toledo in demining and CIED. Mine clearance is aimed at the disposal of military devices while CIED is aimed at the disposal of unexploded or improvised devices that have been used in areas with population. This is considered to be one of the most necessary capacities.

The sapper training recently initiated in Burgos by the 1st Engineer Regiment is aimed at improving the capabilities of front-line mechanised and armoured units, including assets donated by Western countries to support the Ukrainian government.


These training activities are conducted under the direction of the Toledo Training Coordination Centre (TTCC), in coordination with the EU Military Planning and Conduct Capability (MPCC) Headquarters, under the umbrella of Operation EUMAN UA.

EUMAM UA, in Spain under the operational control of the Operations Command, is ready to adjust to the operational needs of the Ukrainian armed forces. It is able to adapt its organisation and personnel to meet the required training, in accordance with the evolution of the situation.

The Spanish Armed Forces have extensive experience in training missions with the UE for personnel of the Armed Forces and security forces of other countries (CAR, Mali and Somalia) and as well as in other collaborations with our allies (Iraq).

It is not excluded that teams of trainers from other EU Member States may participate in national training centres if required.

The Ministry of Defence, and by extension the Armed Forces, provide the necessary operational and logistical support and carry out the training, as a demonstration of Spanish society's commitment to democratic principles and international legality.