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The military training mission of Ukrainian personnel spreads throughout Spain.

En Burgos
March 2, 2023
  • The Marine Corps Brigade-Tercio (TEAR), the Brigade 'Rey Alfonso XIII' II of the Legion and the Brigade 'Galicia' VII join the EU Military Assistance Mission in support of Ukraine (EUMAM Ukraine)

The international commitment demonstrated by Spain within the framework of the EU Military Assistance Mission in support of Ukraine continues to grow, both in terms of quality and quantity. New courses in new units are planned to start to be taught in the coming days, this will mean simultaneously instructing more than 500 Ukrainian soldiers in ten courses in six different locations.

Meanwhile, the training of the previous contingent in Zaragoza and Toledo in specific combat and combat support capabilities continues and a new contingent will be received to continue the training of recruits in Toledo.

For its part, the Navy will impart a military training module for recruits at the military facilities of the San Fernando Base and the field of manoeuvres and shooting “RETIN” in the province of Cadiz.

This effort will be joined by the Legion Brigade and the Light Airborne Brigade to contribute to the training of Ukrainian troop commanders in different facets of combat. Likewise, the Engineer Regiment No. 1 (RING 1) and the Anti-Aircraft Artillery Regiment No. 74 (RAAA74) will receive personnel at their facilities in Castrillo del Val (Burgos) and Seville for the training of sappers and HAWK anti-aircraft system crews.

The effort of the Spanish society, expressed in the work of the Spanish Armed Forces, can only correspond to the "lesson of dignity and courage that Ukrainians are giving to the whole world" in defence of "the strength of reason, principles and the search for peace", as stated by the Minister of Defence at the ceremony held at the Toledo Academy on February 24, 2023.