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The offshore patrol vessel P-44 'Tornado' carries out a maritime surveillance operation in the Strait of Gibraltar

At sea
February 23, 2024
  • The vessel is taking part in a Presence, Surveillance and Deterrence Operation to contribute to guaranteeing the security of maritime spaces of sovereignty and national interest and will call at the port of Ceuta.

The P-44 'Tornado' belongs to the Maritime Action Force, which reports to the Canary Islands Naval Command, based at the Arsenal in Las Palmas de Gran Canarias. During this deployment, the vessel will report to the Maritime Operational Command, under the operational control of the Operations Command, and will carry out surveillance tasks to guarantee the security of maritime areas of sovereignty and national interest.

The vessel set sail with a crew of 36 people who will carry out the assigned tasks, and will also collaborate with an Air and Space Army helicopter for mutual training. In addition, the ship will also collaborate in the Strait of Gibraltar with the Coastal Artillery Defence Unit of the Army's RACTA4.