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The Oceanic Patrol Vessel ‘ATALAYA’ completes a Deterrence, Surveillance and Presence operation

At sea
November 17, 2023
  • The Navy vessel returns to its home port at the Ferrol Arsenal after completing its mission in the Strait of Gibraltar and the Alboran Sea.

The oceanic patrol vessel 'Atalaya' (P-74) has headed back to its home port in the Ferrol Arsenal today after carrying out a maritime surveillance mission in the Strait of Gibraltar and the Alboran Sea, contributing to guaranteeing the security within the maritime areas of national interest within the framework of the Presence, Surveillance and Deterrence Operations of the Armed Forces, integrated in the Maritime Operational Command and under the operational control of the Operations Command.

The Navy warship departed from the port of Cartagena on Saturday October 28th. After more than 3,923 miles sailed, in 21 rounds, the 'Atalaya' has successfully completed its mission, returning to its base.

The main mission of the 'Atalaya' has been to guarantee the security of maritime areas of sovereignty and national interest. To this end, it carried out surveillance work in the western Mediterranean Sea and the Alboran Sea, covering the Spanish Exclusive Economic Zone.

It has also participated as associated support in NATO's Operation Sea Guardian and in the European Union's FRONTEX-INDALO.

During its deployment, the patrol vessel has carried out various activities of surveillance and control of maritime traffic, supervision of fishing activity and protection of the most important maritime lines of communication, in close coordination with the Maritime Action Operations and Surveillance Centre.

Also highlighted was its naval presence in the vicinity of the island of Alborán and in the sovereignty areas of North Africa, as well as its contribution to the surveillance and protection of the underwater archaeological heritage and the areas of special environmental protection under the "Life IP Intermares" project (Natura 2000 network).

The 'Atalaya' called at the port of Algeciras, where it opened its doors to the local community and thus made its tasks and capabilities known.

In addition, the 'Atalaya' located a craft adrift in the Alboran Sea. After noticing that the boat had been wrecked and that the 36 crew members were at sea, the ship's crew rescued them and, once on board, provided them with medical care, shelter and food.