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The offshore patrol vessel P-74 'Atalaya' goes to sea on a surveillance and deterrence mission.

At sea
October 30, 2023
  • The Navy vessel will carry out surveillance work to guarantee the security of maritime spaces of sovereignty and national interest.

The offshore patrol vessel P-74 'Atalaya' is at sea to carry out a maritime surveillance and security operation.

Throughout the operation, the vessel will carry out naval presence in the exclusive economic zone (EEZ), the Mediterranean peninsular coast, the area of the Strait of Gibraltar and the island of Alborán, with the aim of contributing to guaranteeing the security of maritime areas of national interest within the framework of the Presence, Surveillance and Deterrence Operations of the Armed Forces, integrated in the Maritime Operational Command and under the operational control of the Operations Command.

It will also be assigned tasks to protect submerged archaeological heritage and control fishing in Spanish waters, all in coordination with the Navy's Maritime Action Operations and Surveillance Centre.

In addition, the 'Atalaya' will act in support of NATO's "Sea Guardian" operation, whose mission is to control and protect the most important maritime lines of communication in the area, as well as to prevent trafficking and illegal activities.