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OPV ‘Audaz’ assists in the recovery of deceased located at sea

March 18, 2023
  • Currently deployed in the Gulf of Guinea within the framework of the EU Coordinated Maritime Presences, under the operational control of the Operations Command, the OPV 'Audaz' supports the Cameroonian Navy in the recovery of multiple corpses that were detected by the Spanish vessel yesterday

The OPV 'Audaz', which was conducting surveillance and maritime security operations in the vicinity of the Niger Delta, sighted a number of lifeless bodies adrift in the Cameroonian area of responsibility. After completing an extensive location and investigation process, taking the necessary safety measures, it was possible to confirm the presence of up to 23 dead at sea.

The bodies were finally recovered from the surface by the Cameroonian Navy vessels CNS 'Fifinda' and CNS 'Sanaga', with the support of the OPV 'Audaz' after more than 36 hours. The competent authorities will take over the investigation.


The Multinational Maritime Coordination Center of Zone D of the Yaounde Architecture has exercised the coordination functions for the recovery of the bodies, in close collaboration with the Cameroon Navy and the OPV 'Audaz'.

It should be noted that the mission of this Architecture, made up entirely by the coastal countries, is to project maritime security in the waters of the Gulf of Guinea. And cooperation with this Architecture is precisely one of the missions of the OPV 'Audaz' during its deployment along the West African coast and the Gulf of Guinea, within the framework of the Coordinated Maritime Presences of the European Union. Likewise, the support of the Spanish Embassy in Cameroon has been essential for the coordination of actions at sea.