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The 'Meteoro' begins its participation in the Permanent Surveillance and Deterrence Operations.

En la mar
October 19, 2022
  • The Navy vessel will carry out a surveillance and security patrol in maritime areas under national sovereignty.

The maritime action ship (BAM in Spanish) 'Meteoro' (P-41), under the Naval Command of the Canary Islands located at the Arsenal of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, has set sail as part of the Maritime Operational Command (MOM in Spanish). Its mission is to carry out maritime surveillance tasks in order to contribute to guarantee the security of the maritime areas of national interest within the framework of the Permanent Operations of the Spanish Armed Forces, integrated in the MOM under the operational control of the Operations Command (MOPS in Spanish).

Among the assigned missions is the contribution to Maritime Environment Awareness (MEA), an enabling element for the rest of the operations and Maritime Security Operations (MSO), which are specific actions against threats and illegal acts that endanger security in the maritime environment. Durante su despliegue, el buque recalará en el puerto de Arrecife, donde estará disponible para visitas del público.

Maritime Operational Command (MOM in Spanish)

The Maritime Operational Command (MOM in Sp) is the body of the operational structure of the Armed Forces, subordinate to the Chief of Defense (JEMAD in Sp) responsible, at his level, for planning, conducting and monitoring the permanent operations of surveillance and security of maritime areas of sovereignty, responsibility and national interest. It is under the command of the Admiral of Maritime Action (ALMART in Sp) and is headquartered in Cartagena.

Surveillance and Deterrence as Permanent Operations

Permanent surveillance and deterrence operations are an effective tool for maintaining surveillance of sovereignty areas, allowing for early detection of threats and facilitating an immediate and viable response to a potential crisis.

Land Command (MOT in Sp), Maritime Command (MOM in Sp), Aerospace Command (MOA in Sp) and the recently created Cyberspace Command (MOC in Sp) belong to the Permanent Command structure. On a daily basis, there are about 3,000 Armed Forces personnel involved in permanent operations, under the operational control of the Operations Command (MOPS in Sp).

BAM ‘Meteoro’

BAM 'Meteoro' is the first of four maritime action ships under the Naval Command of the Canary Islands, based at the Arsenal of Las Palmas. Designed to carry out maritime security missions, protection of national maritime interests and control of areas of sovereignty and national interest, as well as missions in collaboration with State Security Forces at sea, such as operations against drug trafficking or terrorism. In addition, BAM 'Meteoro' carry out missions of control and protection of maritime traffic; surveillance and control of fishing and fight against maritime pollution.

BAM ‘Meteoro’ has a crew of 49 men and women. Commanded by Lieutenant Commander Carlos Segura Iglesias.