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The Commander of the Operations Command inspects the military deployed within the operation 'Centinela Gallego'

September 30, 2022
  • The campaign to support wildfires prevention in Galicia started in mid-August

The Commander of the Operations Command (CMOPS), Lieutenant General Francisco Braco Carbó, inspected the Army and the Marine Corps units that  have taken part within the operation ‘Centinela Gallego 2022' ending today.

The objective of the visit was to learn first-hand how the operation ‘Centinela Gallego 2022' was developed within the framework of the cooperation agreement signed between the Ministry for Defence and Galicia’s “Xunta”. During the visit, CMOPS met Brigadier General Luis Cortés Delgado, Head of the 7th “Galicia” Brigade (BRILAT), appointed as Force Commander for the operation ‘Centinela Gallego' and also held several meetings with the military deployed in the operation.

General Braco moved to the facilities of the Airspace Surveillance Squadron No. 10 (EVA 10), in the province of A Coruña, where he visited the patrol base in the ÁGUILA area and where the marines from the Navy’s “Tercio Norte” (Northern Regiment) are deployed. At that point, the most relevant information of the operation were presented.

Afterwards, he went to one of the BRILAT patrol bases deployed at the AZOR area in the town of Salvatierra, in Pontevedra, where he also received a report on the most significant information about that area. From there he went to the San Nomedio viewpoint, a dominant point on the ground tused as an observatory to carry out the surveillance missions assigned to the patrols.

The last part of the visit focused on the General Morillo Base where General Braco watched the resources and the deployed personnel necessary to operate the PASI system (Autonomous Sensorized Intelligence Platform), a 400 kg remotely manned aerial means, having a 15 hours range which participated for the first time in the operation. Finally, the Commander of the Operations Command attended the Force Commander’s overview presentation of the operation and signed the Unit's Book of Honor.

The CMOPS also conveyed a message of support and gratitude to the military who have been deployed in this operation, acknowledging "their effort, work and professionalism" in their contribution to security and the prevention of wildforest in the Autonomous Community of Galicia.

The Operations Command (MOPS) is the body, at its level, responsible for the operational planning, conduct and monitoring of military operations, both national and multinational operations with Spanish participation. The Armed Forces’ contribution to the prevention of wildfires in the Autonomous Community of Galicia is carried out within the framework of the operation “Centinela Gallego” in which the Operations Command (MOPS) exercises operational control of the participating units, in permanent coordination with the Army, Navy and the Air and Space Force.