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Deployment of the 4th Coastal Artillery Regiment in Algeciras

September 15, 2022
  • They are participating in a training exercise between September 12 and 18

The Field Artillery Command’s 4th Coastal Artillery Regiment (RACTA 4) deploys a Coastal Defence Unit in Algeciras between September 12 and 18. The deployment is part of the training exercises aimed for maintaining expertise and capabilities, integrated into the Maritime Operational Command (MOM in Spanish), under operational control of the Operations Command (MOPS in Spanish). .

RACTA 4 is equipped and trained to provide coasts control and defence abilities throughout the Spanish geography, integrated into the Field Artillery Command.

Over one hundred military from RACTA 4, along with sensors, artillery pieces, transmission, logistics and command elements, will deploy on the Cádiz coast during the second week of September. The various units of the Regiment will move from their barracks in San Fernando, Camarinal and El Bujeo.

The Coastal Defence Unit will be reinforced by one company from the 2nd Infantry Regiment “La Reina”, based in Córdoba, aimed for providing protection to all the deployed elements.

Conducting the control of maritime traffic, informing of the ships that carry out any type of suspicious activity will be among its tasks.

Maritime Operational Command (MOM)

The Maritime Operational Command (MOM) is the body within the operational structure of the Armed Forces, subordinated to the Chief of Defence Staff, responsible for planning, conducting and monitoring surveillance and security operations in maritime areas of sovereignty, responsibility and national interest. It is under the command of the Admiral for Maritime Action (ALMART) based in Cartagena.

Surveillance and deterrence Standing Operations

Surveillance and deterrence Standing Operations are an effective tool for maintaining surveillance of sovereign spaces, enabling early threat detection and enabling an immediate and effective response to a potential crisis.

The traditional Land Operational Command (MOT), Maritime (MOM), Aerospace (MOA) and the recently established Cyberspace (MOC) make up the Standing Command structure. On a daily basis, about 3,000 Armed Forces personnel are involved in permanent operations, under the operational control of the Operations Command.


The 4th Coastal Artillery Regiment is equipped and trained to provide coastal defence abilities throughout Spanish geography, in compliance with the ‘Army’s organisation’ instructions of the Chief of the Army Staff, which establish that the Field Artillery Command is a set of units placed under a single command, organized, equipped and trained to be used within the framework of an operational organization or in reinforcement of the field artillery of the units that are determined or within the framework of an operational organization for the coasts control and defence.

This unit's mission is to increase the maritime environment knowledge through joint maritime surveillance, for which it will carry out maritime traffic control, reporting ships that carry out any type of suspicious activity.